• It is common practice to pay Baksheesh in Egypt for example in restaurants or hotels. However, do not offer baksheesh to professionals, businessmen, or others who may consider themselves to be your social equals as they could be seriously offended.


  • For both men and women, modest and understated clothing is preferable in Cairo. Women can often avoid unwanted attention by dressing modestly; and this holds true for men who should avoid walking around shirtless or in vest tops.
  • The summer is usually quite hot, but a sweater needs to be kept on hand for the occasional chilly evening. Heating is virtually non-existent in most of Cairo, so it can be quite cold indoors during the winter months. Walking shoes and sandals for the summer season with non-slip soles are essential for walking down the streets of Cairo.


  • Most of what you need is readily available in Cairo including soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, razors and razor blades, etc. First class retail super markets are all around Cairo and especially in Mohandessin where Kalimāt is located.


  • Bring your prescription medicine with you noting that there is no problem bringing prescription medicine into Egypt.  However, it will usually be available in Egyptian pharmacies, but it may be called a different name.
  • It may be a good idea to bring your favorite non-prescription medications along as whilst you may find such medication in Egypt, such as heart burn medication and pain medication, you may have a problem finding your favorite brands. If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair or a copy of your prescription. However, reading glasses are available in pharmacies for a very low price.

Pharmacy Information

  • In general, the pharmacies in Egypt are reliable. That is, they dispense the proper medications and the drugs themselves are of an international level of quality. Egyptian pharmacies sell both foreign and domestic medications. Most Egyptian pharmacies have a symbol of a crescent and a snake on the storefront.
  • The pharmacists themselves are trained professionals with degrees in their field. Pharmacies in Cairo can be used for all of your prescription and over- the -counter drug needs. Prescription medications are usually only available at pharmacies. Regular business hours for pharmacies are 10 am to 10 pm and each neighborhood should have a 24-hour pharmacy.
  • Many pharmacies will have English-speaking staff, particularly those in tourist areas. A few of the best pharmacy chains in Egypt are within walking distance from Kalimāt