Egypt is a very safe and secure place including in major cities such as Cairo especially when compared with major Western cities.  In particular, there is very little violent crime and, in particular, physical violence against foreigners is practically unheard of.  There are also few places that are off-limits to foreigners and provided that visitors observe and respect local culture and sensibilities they are very unlikely to receive anything other than a warm welcome and genuine interest from the Egyptian people they come into contact with who are known for their friendliness and hospitality.  While there have been limited incidents of violence against tourists by Islamic groups over the past couple of decades the level is no higher than in other countries including in the West.

Furthermore, whilst the Mubarak regime tried to stir up anti-foreigner feelings in the days before the February 11 2011 Revolution, they were unsuccessful and there was no threat to western visitors other than western journalists who were targeted by the secret police in the days before the Revolution.Whilst, foreigners need to be more careful as to areas they visit. Egypt remains very safe compared to most western countries ; incidents and violent crime remain isolated. Check with your embassy for more advice.