Our Staff

Our teachers have been in this field for over 15 years. All the teachers hold the TAFL Certificate (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language ) the Arabic version of the  CELTA certificate (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) . For more details visit the web site of IH London (International House), www.ihlondon.com or equivalent


Raafat-AminRaafat Amin
I am the Managing Director of Kalimat Language and Cultural Centre. I have been teaching Arabic for the last 22 years, 13 of them at the British Council and the rest in Kalimat. After graduating from the faculty of Engineering in 1985, I completed my military service and decided that teaching Arabic was my passion. I passed the TAFL    exam (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) and have been teaching since then.

Rifaat AminRifaat-Amin

I have been an Arabic instructor for more than 25 years. I have taught Arabic in many schools in Cairo as well as one summer school in Middlebury in the United States. I also taught at the Royal School of Defence in England.



Mohamed BakryMohamed-Bakry

I have been teaching all levels of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), including private in-house assignments for several foreign companies and embassies, as well as combined courses between MSA and ECA. I developed and authored MSA and ECA teaching booklets for all levels. 

Teaching at all  levels repeatedly equipped me with the experience and ability to teach at very short notice.
I have been teaching classes as stand by teacher on behalf of member of the Arabic Department staff often throughout my seventeen years of employment with the ILI, British Council and Kalimat Language and Culture Centre.



Eman Hamdy Zahran

I have a degree in Arabic and English studies. Additionally, I am an Arabic certified teacher to non-native speakers. I have been teaching both modern standard and Egyptian colloquial Arabic courses to different student levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) in private as well as as a course Instructor since 1997. Among my students have been German DAAD students, diplomats and university students. Engaging students to learn Arabic is the main goal that I always aim to achieve.

Mona El-Tawil

I have been teaching the Arabic language since 1992. I have a TAFL degree (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) from ILI (International Language Institute) which is affiliated to International House in London. I taught Arabic in the German Embassy in  Cairo and at ambassadorial level. I have been teaching Egyptian Colloquial Arabic for foreigners at Kalimat since 2004.


Heba El AttarHeba-El-Attar

I have been teaching Arabic at Kalimat for more than 8 years. I have been teaching Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic as well as Middle Eastern Literature and special courses for embassies. I have a diploma in translation from the American University in Cairo as well as the TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) certificate.

Sami Farag

I have a certificate from Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University as well as many other certificates in teaching Arabic to Foreigners certified from the American University in Cairo. I have been working as an Arabic teacher for more than 30 years. I worked in many specialized centres in this field like Al Faraby Centre and The Arabic Language Center at Cairo University. I teach all programs with different purposes for diplomats and politicians and also participate in setting literature and criticism programs. I arrange cultural and touristic trips which aim to help learning Arabic in a more interesting way.

Sherif El- Habibi

I love being in the classroom in Kalimat teaching my students not only the Arabic language but also Arab culture. If you are a teacher in Kalimat School you will be encouraged to strive for excellence in your job. I share both real life and professional experiences with both students and colleagues.